Digital Signage


Enhance your brand marketing and increase sales with interactive digital signage display solutions from ELVIA-PRO.


Digital signage solutions can produce broadcast-quality graphics for polished, high-definition presentations. They can manage scheduling for targeted programming and advertising by time, event, region, zone, venue, monitor, trigger and much more. Remote network operators can apply digital signage solutions to produce and schedule programming and add content locally, regionally, or nationally.


Business applications range from Retail, Gaming & Casinos, Healthcare, Hospitality, Broadcast, Government & Public Safety, Education, and Corporate Communications, and our digital signage solutions are tailored specifically to fit your complex needs as an enterprise.

Multi-display Panels

ELVIA-PRO designs monitor walls to meet ergonomic demands. The dimensions of the monitor wall depend on the desired number, size of the screens, and their arrangement.

Our products and solutions are capable of covering any aspect of a client’s imagination. We design and manufacture Stand-Alone Multi-Screen Controllers, input switchers, and picture processing units. There are product solutions for television broadcast, the hotel and music club industry, or any other custom project. We provide clients with one large seamless screen or an entire video wall display, with the ability to switch various video sources, to add graphics and branding, and to affect real time video.

In OB vehicles, a section of the video wall can double as a front-accessible storage space, or as holders for non-controlled/joined 19" panels.



One large multi-plasma screen and three plasma towers for a TV Nova news studio.
Prague, Czech Republic, 2007

Implementation: One synchronized 5x5 multi-display screen (expanded in 2008 to 5x6) with Orion PDP plasmas (and bezel-less screens) as the background for a new TV news studio at TV NOVA, and three towers of 2x7 plasma screens peripherally located. The set-up is operated by three Vista Spyder systems configured together as a 16-in and 16-out matrix for background use during live events. The system extension is realized through optical DVI converters. The screens are real-time with fully controllable white balance, color temperature, and other settings.




J+M Jařab

Two multi-display screens configured as a 2x2 set-up of Sony FWD series monitors.

Kravaře, Czech Republic, 2008


Implementation: The client goal was to achieve the highest possible picture quality on a large screen and to display four independent channels at once, attracting customers to his new Sports Bar in an unusual way. The project consisted of integrating our Multi-Display Screen Controller II to control the display of desired informations and involved four full High-Definition satellite receivers, eight Sony FWD displays, and one controller with LCD color buttons displaying the action.






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