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The ELVIA-PRO group is a leader in broadcast system integration. Together with clients, ELVIA-PRO develops, manufactures, and distributes a wide-range of professional broadcast solutions – including outside broadcasting (OB) vehicles and studio renovations. ELVIA-PRO can assemble complex, custom systems for the specific parameters of any broadcast project, worldwide.


In addition to system integration, ELVIA-PRO serves as the largest Sony product distributor in the region. This includes multiple, specialized consumer electronic centers in Prague, plus branches in Mladá Boleslav. ELVIA-PRO also maintains an extensive network for professional broadcast and recording media, from retail to service and support.


ELVIA-PRO works extensively with the major national and commercial broadcasters in the Czech Republic, plus many international broadcasters and private television producers. For more information or inquiries about our company, recent projects, or upcoming developments, please contact our international service department.




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