Cable Drums


The ELVIA-PRO group develops, manufactures, assembles, and distributes a wide range of broadcast studio products. We design ideas to create tailor-made solutions that meet customer needs and requirements, such as lightweight, portable cable drums. These drums are stackable, have manual or electric drives, and can be used with a large variety of cables. Our other, motorized drums are mounted on OB vans with electronic speed and safety controls.


With our brand new 700 m² manufacturing facility we will build what you need, from a 20-camera OB trailer to portable or motorized cable drums. Our experienced team of professionals includes electrical engineers, manufacturing and assembling specialists, and support technicians.


The recent renovations to our facility allow us to work on many different projects, no matter their size or complexity. We can now comfortably produce four to six small or two large OB vans simultaneously. The new facility will continue to help clients by decreasing the lead time for major projects and maintain our position as experts in the broadcast integration industry.


        Portable and Motorized Cable Drums catalog
                  Our NEW range of portable or motorized cable reels, 
                  including OB van reels and winches.











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