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The ELVIA group was founded in 1990 by Mr. Viktor Novák and Mr. Josef Dimmer at their private residence in Bílá Hora, Prague. Inspiration for the company comes from compounding the ideas of ELectronics, VIdeo, and Audio – forming the name ELVIA and driving the core business. Soon after ELVIA’s establishment, the partners join with Mr. Jiří Balcar, Mr. Petr Stejskal, and Mr. Karel Zimola. The firm focuses on the black and white video distributor and monitor business.


From its modest start as a small family business, ELVIA s.r.o. grew into a company concentrating on manufacturing, installation, and service. Its sister company, ELVIA-PRO s.r.o., is later founded as a reseller of consumer, broadcast, and professional products, and becomes involved in project design and system integration activities.



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Throughout the year ELVIA-PRO sees a renewed surge in projects and deliveries, beginning with Sport 5 sports channel and delivery of camera accessories including tripods, lights, fluid heads, bags, etc. in addition to sound equipment. ČT Ostrava receives a wireless camera setup. ELVIA-PRO cooperates with ACE, Real TV, Medea Promotion, Accenture, Empresa Media, Digital Broadcasting, among other clients. Large reccuring projects with Czech TV Praha and FT Prima dot the year. Major integrations include one 4-camera TV Nova VW Crafter SNG, and two 2-camera Czech TV vans: one Mercedes Sprinter 516/CDI and one VW T5 Transporter 2.2. Other deliveries include communications networking systems to TV Barrandov and microphones, headphones, and battery packs and adapters to Real TV. ELVIA-PRO completes a joint project with its sister-company ELVIA for ČT Ostrava, and various projects for TV Nova such as the delivery of top-of-the-line Sony cameras and Canon lenses. Work begins on a ČT HD recoder and video server upgrade featuring Sony PDW-F1600 and XDS-PD1000 series systems. FIFA-related developments also occur.



ELVIA-PRO works on major projects for numerous television studios and commercial broadcasters. For AV-Park, a television production company, ELVIA-PRO creates a head-end room with the latest in video recording and processing technology. Renovations take place for Czech TV’s editing studio in Ostrava (TMZ 2), with additional modernizations to their AVID facility. ELVIA-PRO upgrades the camera system for TV NOVA, and FTV Prima facilities receive a high-definition (HD) overhaul.




ELVIA-PRO designs and installs a 3-camera van for Czech TV (ČT) in Prague. The firm upgrades the ČT news studio as well, integrating HD technology. Two FTV Prima studios receive renovations. At the Greyhound Park Motol, the ELVIA group provides a ten-camera system in HD with simultaneous viewing capacity run by unique ELVIA software.




In 2011 the ELVIA group completes many big projects for different clients. For Czech TV, studios in Prague and Brno are renovated, and much of the broadcaster’s equipment is upgraded to HDTV. The firm constructs a 20-camera HDTV semi-trailer, an auxiliary trailer, and five support vehicles in preparation for the Sochi Olympic games. ELVIA-PRO builds OB vans for Sony and TV NOE. 




ELVIA-PRO successfully finishes key projects in Germany, including system installations for ProSiebenSat.1 (P7S1) and Focus TV. The firm continues to be a main supplier of HD technology for national broadcaster Czech TV, and upgrades routing, studio, and monitoring facilities. In addition, ELVIA-PRO attends the IBC 2010 in Amsterdam showcasing products and solutions including DSNG technology, customized furniture, and special devices such as the pioneering HD HockeyCam.




During the spring, ELVIA-PRO opens its new, 700 meter-squared manufacturing facility to assemble OB vans larger and quicker, with advanced modern technology. In the Russian market the firm completes a customized DSNG van and two small OB vans based on the Volkswagen Transporter van. In September ELVIA-PRO takes part in IBC 2009, pushing its expansion abroad – recent clients and projects available in the “System Integration” tab.




ELVIA-PRO spends much of this year focusing on increasing its manufacturing capacity, reconstructing a state-of-the-art facility for OB vans. The firm constructs six custom OB vans, delivering one to Serbia and another to Syria. The remaining four vans are delivered traditional customers – Czech Radio, Czech TV, TV Nova and the ACE company. In Kavčí hory ELVIA-PRO creates a new master control facility for Czech TV, as well as building new studios for TV Barrandov and Z1 TV.




ELVIA-PRO completes a major renovation of the SK 6 news studio and TMZ 4 recording premises for Czech TV (ČT) in Prague. Also for ČT Prague, ELVIA-PRO builds and delivers a multi-functional audio OB van for live concerts and large theatre events. For ČT Ostrava, the firm develops and installs a new studio complex in Radvanice, in addition to reconstructing their RK1 complex and TOP head-end room. For ČT Brno, the firm builds and delivers a 5-camera OB van.




ELVIA-PRO manufactures and installs a modern intercom system and audio matrix for the experimental stage of Prague’s National Theater - Laterna Magika. The firm begins digitizing a Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial (DVB-T) and personal TV rating system.




ELVIA-PRO receives its certificate of quality control: ISO 9001/2001. The firm realizes the complete recording system for TV Nova’s reality show Big Brother. In September the firm presents its ACE OB trailer [ Brochure] at IBC in Amsterdam. ELVIA-PRO also opens a new service facility in Prague 5, on Na Bělidle street. In Kavčí Hory, the firm helps build a SK 9 complex for Czech TV channel ČT24 in Prague.




In the first quarter of the year ELVIA-PRO finishes its custom TV system in the Sazka Arena (now the O2 Arena). The firm continues its close cooperation with the ACE production company, building for them one of the biggest OB trailers [ Brochure] in the Czech Republic. ELVIA-PRO secures its first big international contracts with Vietnam TV station VTV and begins assembly of a 14-camera OB van for Petrohrad, Russia TV station TRK.




The ELVIA group delivers 14 rebroadcast transmitter vans for Czech Telecom and builds a major audio and video presentation system at the Olympus company headquarters. ELVIA-PRO begins installing the entire TV system for the Sazka Arena (now the O2 Arena) in Prague.




ELVIA-PRO completes the digitalization of the technical control room and the modernization of the RK1 studio camera systems for TV Prima in Prague. The firm completes two studio complexes and an editing room for Kabel Plus Sport in the Sazka arena in Prague. Also in this year, ELVIA-PRO expands their manufacturing capacity at their Prague headquarters. The firm participates in international exhibitions, including IBC in Amsterdam and the Tele-Radio Broadcast Expo (TRBE) in Moscow.




ELVIA-PRO begins developing and manufacturing unique digital video switchers. The firm assembles a new digital head-end master facility for TV Prima. For TV Nova, ELVIA-PRO constructs a large, ultra-modern 8-camera digital OB van. And the firm builds a new TV studio for Kabel Plus Sport to broadcast Sazka programming.




ELVIA-PRO constructs a four-camera digital OB van for Czech TV, a two-camera DSNG van for TV Nova, and an ENG van with telescopic antenna pole for České radiokomunikace in Brno and three rebroadcast transmitter vans for České radiokomunikace in Prague. The firm also builds the head-end room, TV studio, and cutting room for former broadcaster TV3. This year also saw the complete reconstruction of the studio lines for Czech TV and the implementation of an internal TV studio with remote-control cameras for the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic – all integrated by ELVIA-PRO.




ELVIA-PRO builds its largest five-camera digital OB van for the TV production company ACE – mostly used for TV Prima. Modernizing TV Nova in Prague with digital technology, ELVIA-PRO completely upgrades the transmitting and production capabilities of the head-end, news studio, multi-purpose TV studio, and cutting rooms. TV Nova also receives a six-camera OB van from ELVIA. For České radiokomunikace, ELVIA-PRO constructs an ENG van with telescopic antenna pole.




The ELVIA group delivers and installs digital technology for TV Nova’s studio A in Prague. ELVIA proceeds to move TV Prima in Prague to new headquarters, transferring the head room, extended technical control, digital TV studio, and news studio equipment – all without interruption of broadcasting service. A two-camera OB van for Czech TV in Brno and a DSNG van delivery for TV Nova also were constructed by ELVIA. České radiokomunikace commissions ELVIA to develop and install a decentralized system of switching contribution lines by remote control.




ELVIA is authorized to become the exclusive dealer for Leitch and Viten-Radamec technologies. The company completely reconstructs and digitizes the SK7 and SK8 TV studios for Czech TV in Prague. For České radiokomunikace in north Moravia, ELVIA renovates the TV and radio monitoring facilities. To monitor the uranium mining liquidation line in the northern Czech region of Stráž pod Ralskem, ELVIA installs a major TV system.




The ELVIA group moves to its current location in east Prague. The firm begins the development and production of the modular distribution system ELSYSTEM, used for the plug-in cards of audio, video, and control lines. Officially, ELVIA becomes an authorized distributor of Canon lenses and other optical Canon products. Also, TV Premiera (currently PRIMA TV and COOL TV) is modernized - in the Prague Congress Center, its multipurpose studio, news studio, master control room, and head-end receive major renovations. In the Czech Republic outside of Prague, and in Slovakia, ELVIA upgrades multiple radio- and tele-communications’ switch and control systems for radio and TV stations.




ELVIA begins the development and manufacture of the production switches model line EMS-100. The first private TV channel in Slovakia, VTV Bratislava, upgrades its TV studio, head-end, master control, and edit suite, using for the first time digital Betacam technology for studio and on-air applications. ELVIA installs an electronic navigation system for the portal crane at the nuclear power plant in Dukovany.




ELVIA becomes an official Sony partner and authorized distributor of Sony equipment. Czech TV in Prague receives a major overhaul of their TV news center, including edit suites, international exchange working sites, dubbing studios, and main control room. The ELVIA group installs a complete digital TV studio for Czech TV in Ostrava, the first studio in the Czech Republic capable of handling movies in the wide-angled 16:9 aspect ratio (instead of the classic 4:3 format).




Completion of dubbing studios are in full swing, especially for Kratky film, Videopress, and Kabel Plus in Ostrava. Weather forecasting service Meteopress receives deliveries of broadcast TV and computer equipment. ELVIA integrates technology for the RISK game show at TV Nova, and also for other similar programs such as Kolotoc.




ELVIA transfers its manufacturing and servicing facilities to Holešovice, Prague. Development and production begins for ELICROSS cross switch boxes, designed for the broadcasting industry. ELVIA also begins delivering videocopy copier lines, followed by the integration of a large number of dubbing studios for Intersonic, ABCD, and Videopress. In 1992 realization begins for multiple turn-key broadcast stations, including studios for Kabel Plus in Ostrava and Prague, as well as additional locations in Bohemia, Moravia, and Slovakia.




From its modest start as a small family business, ELVIA s.r.o. grows into a company concentrating on manufacturing, installation, and service. Its sister company, ELVIA-PRO s.r.o., is soon founded as a reseller of consumer, broadcast, and professional products, and soon becomes involved in design and system integration activities. ELVIA-PRO also begins to design, develop, and install the crossbar switch boxes for Pay TV systems.




The ELVIA group was founded in 1990 by Mr. Viktor Novák and Mr. Josef Dimmer at their private residence in Bílá Hora, Prague. Inspiration for the company comes from compounding the ideas of ELectronics, VIdeo, and Audio – forming the name ELVIA and driving the core business. Soon after ELVIA’s establishment, the partners join with Mr. Jiří Balcar, Mr. Petr Stejskal, and Mr. Karel Zimola. The firm focuses on the black and white video distributor and monitor business. While attending an international exhibition that celebrated 100 years of Czechoslovak manufacturing, the group showcases their new products for the very first time.



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